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Polymer Internship in summer

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polymer internship

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1 e année Masters in polymer engineering

Ecole : University of delhi

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durée : 3months

de : 2013-06-01 à : 2013-09-30

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Citizenship : Indian ▪ Date of birth : 19th Feb 1992

To attain a position of intern in polymer or related field to contribute my knowledge, skills and experience for the advancement of the organization while studying and making myself grow with the organization.


2012-Present Masters in “Polymer Engineering”
Tomas Bata University<...

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am interested in applying for the internship position in polymer industry.
I have had a great deal of laboratory experience, Last summer; I worked as intern at University Of Delhi and also did research on Conducting Polymer. I have a paper published in the same field i.e. Fabrication of electro-chemical humidity sensor based on zinc oxide/polyaniline nanocomposites . Ever since my days in college I have dreamed of being a scientist. My family an...